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Complete our family application

Basic questions to help us help you...
We just need to know a few things to get the process rolling!

Family Application
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Phone Consultation

Let's hop on the phone and get to know one another...
This call is non committal and allows you to ask all the questions to feel comfortable with moving forward. We have found that the key to a successful placement is that our coordinators really understand your needs and have the chance to ask you all the right questions about your family

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Family Agreement

Let's get started...
You let us know when you are ready! We will promptly send you the family agreement to review and sign. There is a $500 non refundable deposit to begin your nanny search.

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Nanny Search

We take your wants, needs and desires and get to work...
Allow roughly 4-8 weeks for the interview process. We work hard to find the nannies that we feel will align with your family and your lifestyle. We also love to keep in touch with families during this time. We have found that this might expedite the search to help you get the support you need quickly!

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Nanny Profiles

Sending you only the best...
We will not bog you down with tons of profiles, which is commonly the biggest source of stress during an independent search. Instead we will pick our top few and send only those. After reviewing those if you want more... we will get them to you! ** Coming soon: pre-recorded virtual interviews, sent with profiles!

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Your turn to meet and greet...
you will narrow down the search by interviewing all or some of the nanny candidates we have sent to you. We are here to guide you through this process by providing you with an interview template and follow up calls with your placement coordinator. We highly recommend a working interview- don't worry we will talk about this!

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Hiring Your Nanny

Yay! Support is right around the corner...
We will walk you through this process; providing you with our professional (skeleton) agreement, helping you write an offer to your prospective nanny & helping you understand payroll, taxes and benefits.

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Guarantee and Support

We want you to be happy...
We are here to provide paperwork, referrals, communication support and anything else you may need to begin a successful relationship with your new nanny.
In the unlikely event that your nanny's employment is terminated during the first 30 days of employment we will either refund the fee paid by the client in full minus the $500.00 retainer, or begin searching for a replacement nanny immediately.

Let's start now!

Family Application
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