Night Nanny

You night nanny can either be full time or part-time and permanent or temporary.

She will generally work night shifts managing your baby’s care while you sleep restfully. Your baby can sleep in the same room as you and your night nanny can provide assistance when needed, or your night nanny can keep the baby with her as the baby sleeps.

When your baby wakes up, the night nanny will either bring the baby to you for feeding or feed the baby with a bottle. After feeding, baby is cared for and put back to sleep... all while you are continuing to rest.

Night nannies are also beneficial to families that have older children or other commitments that need attention during the day.
Night nannies are typically not employed by the family.

Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Care Specialists are wonderful to have if you are a first time parent and need someone to show you the ropes of taking care of your brand new baby... believe me, we understand that it may be overwhelming! They have extra training in the care and development of newborns and can help with adaptation in the home, education for the parents and general care of the baby.

The primary role of your Newborn Care Specialist is to provide assistance and education after you bring your baby home from the hospital. Many times this support includes scheduling, bathing, feeding, sleep consulting, help with breast feeding and more.

During the day hours your Newborn Care Specialist will work hard to facilitate an environment that nurtures your baby and provides an active and stimulating environment during wake times. If you request, documentation will be provided outlining baby's patterns with sleeping, eating, playing etc to help everyone transition into a more regular schedule when the time comes. 

A Newborn Care Specialist can also provide services throughout the evening/night to provide extended support for the family.

Newborn Care Specialist are typically not employed by the family.

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