In Depth: How Knock Knock Nanny Finds You The Perfect Nanny

Are you thinking of hiring a nanny but are worried about not only FINDING the perfect nanny, but how to go about doing a background check, getting a driving record, and checking references?  Are you too overextended and overwhelmed to even begin the search and go through hundred of applicants, let alone conduct an interview? Are you unsure how a nanny can even benefit your family?

As a busy mom and entrepreneur herself, Liz Oldham opened Knock Knock Nanny to solve exactly these problems.  Our process is streamlined, transparent, easy to follow, and we will present you with only the candidates we believe are the best fit.  We take care of the advertising, sifting through applicnats, checking resumes,  vetting, record checks, and help both you AND your potential nanny prepare for the interview.  Liz knows the questions to ask you and a potential nanny to REALLY get to the heart of your families needs and will only present you with candidates who will not only meet your minimum requirements, but will exceed your expectations. I've detailed the step by step process so that you know exactly how Knock Knock Nanny finds you the perfect nanny to join your family.

First Contact

The first thing you'll want to do once you've decided to hire a nanny is to browse our website. There you'll find lots of information about who we are, our experience, the different levels of service, the costs associated with finding a nanny, and a step by step guide to the process of using us to hiring a nanny. Questions? Feel free to call or email us!  Once you're ready to move forward with a more formal, informational call, fill out our family application, answering some basic questions about your family and what you are looking for. We ask that you fill out our family questionnaire before our first in-depth phone call, so that when we chat on the phone we have information in front of us and we can ask any additional questions.

Phone Consultation

Our first phone conversation is noncommittal with no pressure.  This is your opportunity for us to get to know each other, and see if we will make a great team. This is your opportunity to ask us any questions about our background, service, process, how we handle conflict and problems with nannies, and make sure that we are on the same page as to what we want. Its important that you share with us your specific wants and needs for a nanny.  Do you speak a language other than English at home? Do you want your nanny to teach your child their native language? Does your child have any behavioral, developmental, or physical differences that a nanny needs to understand and have experience with? It can be hard to talk about these things but we can't find you a perfect nanny if you aren't specific about your requirements.

Our Family Agreement

Once you've decided that you are ready to move forward with us, we will immediately send you our family agreement. This agreement outlines our commitment to you and your commitment to us. We require a $300 deposit and we will get started finding you the perfect nanny! We welcome any and all questions prior to signing the family agreement, and are here every step of the way to talk and answer questions.

The Process of Finding A Nanny

We ask that you allow us four weeks to find your potential candidates.  During this time we are advertising your job on nanny placement sites, social media, and reaching out to our pool of experienced nannies to find the best candidates for your family.  We review and vet each and every application we receive before doing a pre-interview.  We take your requirements about language(s) spoken, work hours, experience, discipline philosophy, and cultural requirements very seriously.

After vetting the applications, our placement coordinators speak either on the phone or in person with the applicant to get a better sense of who they are as a person, and hear in their own words why they like working with children. We ask the tough questions- about discipline philosophy, employment record, their background, education, and anything else that is relevant to your families particular search.

Once we believe that we have found the best candidates for your position, we will pass their profiles along to you and set up phone or in-person interviews for you and the applicant.  We can help guide you through the interview process, and help you conduct a "working interview."

Finalizing the Details

Once you have found the perfect applicant and you would like to move forward, your placement coordinator takes care of all the details.  We run a background check, a driving record check, conduct an internet and social media search, and contact all of the provided references.  We will work with you to make sure that we have asked both the applicant and the references any questions that you might have about their employment history.

Once all is set to go, we help you finalized your nanny contract and work with you on the best way to pay your nanny and help you understand taxes, benefits, and other important details.

We Are Always Here For You

Have questions or concerns after your nanny has started working with your family? Do you have a feeling that the nanny just isn't working out despite everyones best efforts? Did you realize that your needs have changed?  We are just a phone call away! We can help you navigate unexpected challenges with a nanny, and even help you find a new one if the one you've chosen hasn't been a great fit. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, for any reason, after any length of time. We are here to support you no matter what!

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