My Preschoolers Favorite Books

I am always on the hunt for new books to satisfy my preschoolers voracious appetite for reading.  Internet searches often led me to the same books again and again, so we have been spending lots of time at the library to find some new and different books.  I pretty much give him free reign to choose books he thinks looks interesting, and we've found some great books, but also some duds.  Today, I'm going to share a list of our favorite, off the beaten path, books. Next time, I'll share my thoughts on our latest library haul- the good and the not so good.

We love the Larry Gets Lost series! Super cute books about a dog who while separated from his best friend, a little boy named Pete, goes on crazy adventures! The rhyming is fun and easy to read, and every page includes additional information about the plants, animals, monuments, or whatever else Larry is up to at that moment. The city books would be great for kids who are moving or traveling to a new city.

My preschooler absolutely adores this book.  Its a sweet, calm story about a group of toys who live on a window ledge and what see out the window, and what they are waiting to see.  Its a simple, beautifully illustrated book about what happens outside.

This is a short, funny book about a bear who is searching for his little red hat. Little kids will love following along in the book and finding the hat.

This is a fun book for kids who are interested in learning about The United States of America and where all the states are.  In this book, the states are bored in their locations and decide to switch it up a bit! After a few days they realize that they miss their original location and the states nearby. A glossary in the back has all the states, capitals, and flags for kids who are interested in learning even more!

This beautifully illustrated book shows what a cat looks like from the perspectives of the different animals.  Its great for teaching kids that not everyone, or everything, sees the same things in the same ways.

From the duo that brought you Dragons Love Tacos, Those Darn Squirrels is a hilarious tale of an old man who has a love/hate relationship with the squirrels in his yard.  All old man Fookwire wants to do is watch and paint the birds in his yard, but the squirrels keep getting in his way! This is a fun and hilarious read, and your kids will get a kick out of yelling "THOSE DARN SQUIRRELS" every time old man Fookwire does. There are additional books in the series that chronicle the old man's continued relationship with the squirrels.

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