How to Have a Great Nanny Interview

A great interview is paramount when meeting a family. Below are just a few ways to make it awesome!

  • Dress Appropriately

    Make sure you are wearing semi-professional clothing... but also clothing that you can get on the floor with! You may be meeting the children for the first time and that ease of interaction is so important! Make sure your appearance is ticy. This reflects a great deal of organization.

  • Be Prepared

    Remember the parent's and children's names. Use thier names when you meet them. Find out as much about the postion as possible before you go. Make sure you understand the job details and have already determined you can do them.

  • Be On Time

    We suggest getting to the location about 5 minutes early and approaching the door about 2 minutes early. This tip ensures you are never late! Delayed childcare is every parents worse nightmare!!

  • Engage With The Children

    Get on their level and speak to them gently. Shake their hand or high five if they are willing/able. bring them a gift if you would like. Family favorite is a coloring book and a small pack of crayons. The family will love to see how eager you are to connect! Tell the children goodbye as you leave.

  • Speak As If You Have The job

    Use phrases like "when I am with your children" or "I will work with {child's name} like this" and "me and {child's name}...". A phrase you can use a lot during your interview is "As your nanny...". Try to paint a picture for them with great detail of what working iwth you looks like. Remember that they are trusting you with their children and hiring you to make their life less stresssful- that''s a lot of trust!

  • Know How To Answer Questions

    Try to predict what they will ask based on what you know about the postion. Are there special needs children? Will you be caring for a newborn, multiple children, twins? Does the family travel? Are you expected to travel? You should also be familiar with a list of interview questions commonly used.

  • Ask Questions and Engage With the Parents

    Ask the parents questions. It doesn't have to be specific to the job. You may notice something of interest in the house; a picture, a gemstone, something you have in common. Don't be afraid to open up. This makes you feel familiar to them. Show them that you are interested in the children by asking questions about them. Most parents love gushing about their kids!

  • Always Follow Up

    Of course, show your appreciation for their time before you leave, but also reach out within 24 hours and tell them how much you enjoyed meeting the family and that you are availbale to answer any questions they may have. Let them know how much enjoyed meeting the children as well! If you are working with a nanny agency, this correspondence may need to go through the agency- let your coordintor know that you would like to reach out! They will help you!

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